Its coming to that time of year when students will be leaving their properties to go travel or home for the summer, now getting your deposit back very much depends on the state you return your property. 
This can be difficult if there are a few of your renting together, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of getting your deposit back. 
1) Make sure your bath/shower room is spotless, scrub shower screens and wash shower curtains, make sure the toilet brush is spotless also, the cost deductible from your bond for this can be almost £140. 
2) Clean that greasy dirty oven, you can lose up to £150 for your landlord to get this professionally cleaned. 
3) Wash inside all kitchen cupboards, ensure that there are no grease marks from the dirty pans – cost £30 
4) Scrub the fridge, your landlord/agent can charge you almost £40 to get this cleaned. 
5) Defrost the freezer. 
6) Make sure all paintwork is washed and cobwebs dusted, your guessed it, you can get charged an eye watering £200 for this. 
So, if your property is not cleaned correctly you could lose as much as £560 from your bond, possibly even more. 
There is another option, from as little as £150 you can get an end of tenancy clean with our synergy clean team, we guarantee all our work so will return as many times as requested if your landlord isn’t happy (but they always are), don’t delay, book your clean today. 
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